This place serves very high quality, authentic and very original dishes. As a foodie, I loved the way they pay attention to the quality of the ingredients, and the waiter was very eager to help and pointed out some of the traditional Vietnamese eating customs which can very helpful to anybody who hasn’t had this kind of food before.

This is now my go to place for a reliable quality lunch or dinner whenever I am in this area.

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Moses S., http://tinyurl.com/krvoqtt

Begoni Bistro is like a breath of fresh air to Chinatown.

It’s the same food…done differently.

I was looking for a new place to eat with my family- shoutout to our usuals spots: R&G, Penang Garden and Great Eastern. We will def be adding Begoni to the list of MUST try places!

1st visit: The Bun rieu was flavorful, serving was just enough, and ingredients tasted fresh. Bun rieu is my go to dish at any viet restaurant and this was one of my favorites. It is $8- a bit on the pricey side but I’d pay more anyday for fresh ingredients and clean presentation. It comes in a fancy cylinder shaped bowl. The only caveat is that I wish ii came with more veggies. I mentioned this to the server who brought me a large plate of lettuce and cilantro- no charge. She saw that I was at the bar eating alone and gave me a glass of dessert wine to try. How sweet!

2nd visit: Party of 10 please! Came here with my family who were pleased with the food and service.

Squab aka Chim Quay: one of their signature dishes. Crispy skin, savory taste, and comes with this amazing sauce. I’l have to find out what the sauce is next time but it tastes good even without it.

Steamed clams with white wine: Light and flavorful!! I wanted more but only got one!! I guess that what happens when you have a big family.

Tiger prawns with fried rice: the Shrimp is HUGGEE!! It is covered in egg yolk batter similar to R&G’s crab and I savored every bite. However, they informed us that this dish was seasonal and today’s special. Wow we lucked out!!

Eggrolls: Viet eggrolls, served with rice noodles and large lettuce cups. At first I didn’t understand what all the extra stuff was for, but the server explained that we’re supposed to wrap the eggroll in the lettuce cup along with the noodles. “Healthier that way” she says! I was starting to see a theme here… its the same food done differently.

Service: Five stars! Our tea and water were constantly being refilled. They replaced our small plates 3 times- a bit excessive but hey who doesnt like to treated like royalty. Their wine collection is extensive– which we’ll have to try next time. To top it off– the chef– a jolly man named Jimmy came out to greet us and get feedback on the food!! You can tell the people here are good natured and I wish them the best in their business.

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Kick T., http://tinyurl.com/lb3mvld